WHA Webinar: Advice on Doing Business in Vietnam

Jun 15, 2021

WHA Group Thailand would like to invite you to attend the Webinar "Advice on doing business in Vietnam ", which is co-organized by PwC Vietnam and WHA Industrial Zone Nghe An JSC. 
This event is reserved for WHA associates and partners, free of charge. 

时间:2:30pm - 4pm (北京时间) 1:30pm – 3pm(越南时间)
议程 Agenda:
越南投资概况 Vietnam Investment Overview (WHA)
越南中部投资环境分析与WHA工业园区介绍 Investment Environment Analysis of Central Vietnam and Introduction of WHA (WHA)
税收优惠政策与税法环境 Vietnam Tax Incentive Policy and Taxation Environment (PwC)
投资选择的利弊分析:1.设立新公司、2.以增资方式投资或3.设立分公司Options for doing business in Vietnam: Establishing a new company, business expansion or setting up a branch (PwC)
赴越投资的实务经验分享 Practical Investment Experience in Vietnam (Goertek)

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中文联系人| Chinese speaking 
Mr. Le Trung Hieu at info@whavietnam.com – Tel: +84 978876637
越南语与英语联系| Vietnamese and English speaking 
Mr. Tuan Anh at do.ly.tuan.anh@pwc.com – Tel: +84 973151995